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Snorkel Mask Full Face 180°View with Anti-fog and Anti-leak Technology
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Product name:LH-06 -Snorkel mask


180 full face design
Easy to use snorkel gear
Dry snorkel technology stops water from getting into your mouth and prevents gagging
Anti fog design

Size:S/M , L/XL (L/XL is for men, S/M for women)


Material: Lens: ANTI-FOG DESIGN

Innovation designs compared to traditional snorkel sets

1.Arc full face mask provides 180-degree view to see more of what's around you. 
2.Breathe naturally through your nose with ease without any additional mouth piece or breathing equipment. 
3.Anti-Fog and Anti-Leak design promise clear vision and allow you enjoy your adventures to the fullest. 
4.Longer snorkel tube (5.2 inches) makes you snorkel deeper and longer than traditional one (3.5 inches). 
5.Premium quality: constructed of a durable polypropylene frame and shatter-proof polycarbonate window, the Snorkel Mask ensures you own a quality, long-lasting device to take on all your adventures. Never worry about cracked or split snorkel tubes. 

180° full face snorkeling mask : 

Easy breathing: It cover all of your face, looking cool and scientific, and naturally breathing through nose or mouth.
Water-tight with ergonomic design, perfect for human face, no inhaled water 

The view from this mask is unmatched! Crystal clear polycarbonate allows you to see and explore the underwater world. 

if under the water. items couldn't be breathe from water. when breathe tube outside of there water, then ok for free breathe. 

what's included: snorkeling face mask (camera not included)
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